Tuesday, October 13, 2009

why being sick is good for my health

People do not die of little trifling colds.—Jane Austen

So. Day Six of a strange, low-grade, feels-like-a-cold-but-isn’t sort of illness. I’d really like it to leave, but at the moment, anything that’s not swine flu sounds like a real blessing.

Besides, isn’t it sort of cozy to be sick when it’s grey and rainy outside? After all, these are the days when we’d all like permission to sleep really late, stay propped up in bed with a stack of novels, and drink soup all afternoon…

Still, after nearly a week of low energy, I am reminded of the biggest reason why a little illness can be a very good thing: it seems to be a “reset” button for my life. Not only does it break up my routine, but a lack of energy highlights all the things I wish I were doing. Do you get the same way?


Posted by Jenn Langefeld on 10/13 at 06:47 PM
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