Wednesday, June 17, 2009

where i am right now

My deplorable mania for analysis exhausts me.—Gustave Flaubert

What a heavy thing is a pen!—Emile Zola

This is where I am:

* A chair (navy, with wheels)

* Hamilton, Bermuda

* the third floor of an office building

* in the middle of a week-long stay

* next to a stack of books I schlepped out here: The Book of Lost Things, Fire in Fiction, The Creative Habit, Sailing Around the Room, Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary

* within sight of (through a window): nine palm trees and a Royal Poinciana tree; a cluster of office buildings (hundreds of windows!); the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity; a pink and white house on a distant hill (peeking between buildings); and an unending stream of taxis, buses, trucks, motorbikes…

* nearing a better perspective, I hope. After a hectic, harried, and emotional spring, my writing life limped to the side of the road and collapsed. Poor writing life, lying there and breathing shallowly… So many things came undone this spring that I’m not entirely sure how (or what) to put back together again.


Posted by Jenn Langefeld on 06/17 at 05:45 PM
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