Thursday, November 05, 2009

november is for happy endings.

Everything that had happened had begun between the pages of this book.—Cornelia Funke

Can I introduce you to the recent love of my life?

This is Draft Three!! I finished it Tuesday night, but I’m still feeling a bit dazed ... and brain-sore. It took a pretty intense Monday and Tuesday—I cranked out 14,000+ words in two days to make it. Whew!

I guess it sounds a little crazy, turning my mind and fingers to mush when no one’s demanding I have it done before Wednesday. But I’d reached this point when Draft Three had to be done. Had to be. So I raced and pushed and completely exhausted my vocabulary… but it’s done!

So that novel gets a two-week break while I turn my attention to Nanowrimo and another “just-for-fun” manuscript idea. I’m a little behind with Nano—okay, a lot behind—but I’m not too concerned. (Yet.) It feels a bit like finals week, when you’ve finished your hardest, nastiest final, and you still have a lighter project still to do. You’ll get there, but ... you’re not too worried about taking your time.

(Though I never guessed Nanowrimo would one day be my lighter project!)

After my Nano “break,” I’ll go back to Draft Three and read it straight through once or twice. And then we’ll put our heads together and start daydreaming Draft Four… oooh. It’s going to be good. I can just tell.

this is my revision face. and that’s ... wow. that’s a huge draft.

P.S.: My month of being sick—my old friend Pneumonia come for a visit—is now over. I am thrilled to be more like myself! It also made it a lot easier to dance around the house Tuesday night, shrieking about being done. Hard to shriek when you can’t take deep breaths. So, yes. It’s good to be healthy.—jl

Posted by Jenn Langefeld on 11/05 at 10:03 PM
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