Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wishing you crisp apples and cooler air

I like autumn. The drama of it; the golden lion roaring through the back door of the year, shaking its mane of leaves.—Joanne Harris

I have to admit: it was the loveliest summer (weather-wise) that I can remember. I’ve never witnessed so many gorgeous days in normally-suffocating St. Louis. I had a blast hanging out with my older sister—painting out on our new deck, photo shoots in St. Louis, my first experience with bubble tea (jury’s still out)... It’s been fun and wonderful, but now…

Now it’s apple cider season. OH. SO. EXCITED.

I’m already daydreaming about orange leaves and apple pies, homemade caramels and pumpkin cookies. Roasted chicken with apples and raisins. Cinnamon scented candles. That bite in the air that I’ve always always loved…

Oh yes, this is my favorite season, no mistakes. It’s time to reread Jane Eyre, and to rewatch The Village, to take pictures as the trees change daily.

Maybe I’ll carve a pumpkin this year? ... It’s been awhile.

S’mores and last year’s afghans. Warm slippers. Sweaters with hoods.

Ack! I’d better go or I’ll just collapse with happiness on this keyboard…

But one last little announcement: I’m starting something new, something wonderfully exciting, and it’s the perfect season for it!! Click over to my other blog to hear all about it.

And then go celebrate autumn!!—jl

Posted by Jenn Langefeld on 09/23 at 01:47 PM
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a cheering epilogue

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.—Louis Pasteur

What a difference a week can make!

After that last (somewhat depressed) post, I had two brilliant days of work. There’s a lot to be said for stranding yourself at a coffee shop for hours on end. The log jams in my brain began to move, and out fell two new characters, another with a new motive and new voice, a better setting for half of Part Four…

In short, so many disparate elements of this last part of the book began to interweave. It feels like narrative again! Reminds me of my recipe for pie crust: the dough will gather itself into a ball… Well. Part Four gathered into a ball, and it will make a lovely pie, I have no doubts…

Which is a wonderful place to be, after the start of last week!

Writing teaches me this same lesson, over and over again: Get your time in, Jenn. Get your time in. Don’t listen to the wind and the waves, just keep your head down and work, and things will shake out.

Hooray! So maybe I’ll live to see the end of Draft #3 after all?—jl

Posted by Jenn Langefeld on 09/15 at 08:51 PM
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

postcard from a lapsed wordsmith

One day soon I’ll remember that I’m actually a writer, regardless of what else is tearing through my life at the moment. (When is “it’s been hectic” a good excuse for anything??) And I’ll scoop up my thoughts, brush and comb them, and then spin them into words. And then I’ll knit some paragraphs with them, and add more rows to my insanely, miserably long (eternal!) novel… with some thoughts left over for a fine blog entry or two.

But not tonight, I’m afraid.

Soon, though. I’ll write more soon.—jl

Posted by Jenn Langefeld on 09/08 at 01:35 AM
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