Friday, November 28, 2008

a bit of confetti

Hooray!! Hooray!!

Weighing in at 251 pages and 75,218 words… The second draft of Part Three is finished! (For now.)


I will now pass out somewhere peacefully, and I don’t plan on standing up for a week.—jl

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

ten for today

“Let’s thank God!” Indeed, it was pray—or bust wide open.—Jan Karon

In no particular order, and of no deep spiritual significance (sorry), some things I’m thankful for…

1. Pie. Oh my goodness, is there a finer dessert? We have three in our kitchen right now, and there’s still flour under my fingernails. Apple, pecan, and pumpkin, hooray for glorious autumn!

2. Okay, here it is, I’ll say it: good food. Really. On a day like Thanksgiving, it’s impossible to forget how good it is to eat well.

3. Cold weather. Though my older sister can never forgive me for loving it, bring it on, baby. I love the crisp energy of cooler air, I love it when my cheeks are cold, I love the excuse for wearing scarves and leg warmers and mittens. Which reminds me…

4. The soothing habit of knitting. Yes. Two sticks, a ball of yarn, and everything’s possible (not to mention warmer).


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vnz bhgbsjbeqf (or, after writing 69,661 of them, i am (nearly) out of words)

Day #22 of my Nanowrimo ordeal

Words today, so far (and the day isn’t over yet…): 6298

Words total: 69,661. I crossed the 50K line last Saturday, but Part Three just isn’t done yet.

Mood/Status: Somewhere between exhilaration, denial, exhaustion, and “do I care anymore?”

Today’s Nano trick: The certainty of turkey tomorrow. The promise of a gorgeous three-day break next week if I can finish Part Three by Saturday night.

I’m sure that there’s more to say—how my poor protagonist’s world is crashing down around her (though she still manages to get a few plucky one-liners in); that I have about seven or eight scenes left to write and that’s it for Part Three; and that a small, certifiably psychotic voice in my head tells me I could finish writing them all tonight.

(Do not listen to this voice! Do not return to the Word document! Do not squint, through bloodshot eyes, at the outline! Do not think of the next brilliant insight the character has… unless, of course, it’s really good. Because, actually, if you look at it like—augh! No! Don’t listen! Stop working! Stop!!)—jl

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Friday, November 21, 2008

and pages to go before i sleep (Nanowrimo word count: 46,190)

Day #18 of my Nanowrimo

Words today, so far: 2,657 but hoping for a few hundred more, if I can trick myself into opening the document again…

Words, total: 46,190

Mood/status: Surreal. Disbelieving. A bit fuzzy-headed.

Today’s Nano trick: Kaldi’s coffee, pumpkin pie, and making my protagonist argue with everyone.

So, I’m nearing the end of my 50K word count, but I have over ten pages left in my outline for Part Three. Will I finish my 50K by the thirtieth? Most certainly. Will I finish my outline? Ha. Not a chance. I have so much more mayhem to create for my poor character… But will I try? Oh yes. Yes, I will.—jl

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Monday, November 17, 2008

“it’s not you, it’s me” (34,708 words)

Day #14 of my Nanowrimo run
Words today (so far): 2,267
Words, total: 34,708
Mood/status: content, optimistic
Today’s Nano trick: napping, white chocolate mocha, devastation in the plot. (And in that order.)

Oh, the writing’s gone so well. I had such a good weekend! My Friday went brilliantly, and then I stayed up rather late and kept writing… Saturday, too, went well, which set me up for a fabulous Monday. So I’m definitely feeling a writer’s high today, despite a little piece of email in my inbox.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

why i was never a juggler (22,463 words so far)

Day #9 of my Nanowrimo run
Words today (so far): 2448
Words, total: 22, 463… The half-way mark is in sight!
Mood/status: Bewildered but happy.
Today’s Nano trick: A laundry break clears the brain.

My cold ran its course in two days flat, thank goodness! I slept, wrote a few thousand words, and slept some more. And thus passed the weekend…

As for the content of those few thousand words? Well, I have my revising cut out for me. Makes me love, afresh, that the focus during Nanowrimo is on quantity, not quality.


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Thursday, November 06, 2008

snore. (12,000 words and beyond)

Day #5 of my Nanowrimo run.

Words today (so far): Hmm. This is tricky. I did my day’s work by hand, and I think it should be around 2,000 or so words. Hopefully! But I’ll see what it comes out to tomorrow morning. Handwritten pages are notoriously unreliable… but I’m willing to say I’m done for the day.

Words, total: If I did my work well this morning, I should be right around 12,000.

Mood/status: Sick with a cold. Which means I’d rather bury my face in my pillow and let my characters run loose. (It would probably be just as well, as their dialogue has turned as amusing as sawdust. Maybe a bit of fending for themselves would be good. They could learn a decent joke or two, and come back and tell me… Or have a scavenger hunt. That’s it. Someone, please take my characters on a scavenger hunt.)

Today’s Nano trick? Tea. Hot cider. And comforting myself with the fact that, hey, it’s only day five.—jl

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Monday, November 03, 2008

so far, so fabulous (5,168 words)

Day #2 of Nanowrimo... (Skipping Sundays, remember.)
Words today (so far): 2,846.
Mood/status: euphoric.
Today’s NaNo survival trick?

(That would be caffeine. Worked pretty well on Saturday, too.)


Posted by Jenn Langefeld on 11/03 at 07:19 PM
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