Wednesday, November 30, 2005

thanks for all the fish

At the risk of repeating myself… Things are crazy here!! No surprise… it’s that crunch time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when all the most important things have to happen.

So I spent a weekend with dear friends here in Grand Rapids, then left for home last Tuesday, spent a wonderful few days with family, came back on Sunday, left again yesterday for a field trip in Chicago, and today I’m checking the calendar and seeing that I only have a week and a half of classes left… then finals… then Christmas…


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Monday, November 21, 2005

life’s a party (the victory lap)

Please join me. I’m dancing by the computer, the music is loud, I have cinnamon-vanilla coffee, and I’m celebrating!! (So how could you resist??)

My honors thesis is DONE! Bring out the decibels and caffeine. (Especially the caffeine. I feel like I got hit by a truck.)


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Friday, November 18, 2005

snow, stomachs, and the best of friends

As if I have any skill as a weather forecaster. Those low clouds on Tuesday proved me wrong and poured forth snow all day on Wednesday. I was crossing a parking lot on my way to British Novel that morning, thinking: hey, this rain is awfully thick. Stretched out my arms to watch it fall on my coat, and sure enough, it was just barely snow. On my way to my next class—weight training—it was most definitely snow. Small, white, and pelting.

In theory, I love snow. So I slowed down to enjoy it until my cheeks filed a complaint. My left ear was also filling with slush…


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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

between assignments on a rainy day

It’s grey and bleak and rainy and cool here. Maybe November will finally finally settle in? (We’re about to read Jude the Obscure in British novel class… I need the dismal weather to continue for that, at least.) I’ve heard rumors of snow… it’s dark enough and the clouds are low enough. Probably not cold enough, though. In one week—one week!—I’ll be home with sisters and parents.

I just finished reading an essay by Thomas Lynch for my Craft of Writing class. He wrote about poetry and funerals, and I was analyzing it for rhythm and word flow. Beautiful essay, but unlucky me: it means everything I write in this entry will sound dull and, well, floppy in comparison. But that’s how it goes. I’m not Thomas Lynch. (Sorry.)


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Saturday, November 12, 2005

countdown to thanksgiving

My parents should be nearly home. They left this morning, after a few days of hanging out with me. We had such a good time (nothing unusual for us), and I’d be bummed to see them go, except I’ll see them again in a week and two days!! Thanksgiving is nearly here… (Can you smell the green bean casseroles?? The best use of those crispy sprinkled onion things. Ever.)


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Sunday, November 06, 2005

survival mode

What a crazy week! I knew I had a decent amount of work to get done, but suddenly the deadlines ganged up on me… Lots of reading, a bit of writing, two papers to revise, and a test. I had been working ahead—honest—but things kept getting in the way, like doing dishes. (After a while, I ignored the dishes. Guess what I’ll be doing in ten minutes.)

So last week was a lot of sleep deprivation and a lot of caffeine. After a while, I felt like I would die young, so this weekend I’ve made it up to myself with sleeping in and movies. Um, what about the work for next week?


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