Friday, July 29, 2005

the last month

So I think we’ve all recovered from the family reunion last weekend. It was a great few days—I really enjoyed getting to see my extended family again. I got to talk more with a few second cousins (or is it first cousins once removed??) and my great aunts and great-aunts. We all played games, had a lot of good food, shopped in a nearby town (Lebanon Illinois, where, weirdly enough, Charles Dickens stayed during his tour of America. strange, eh?).


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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Are we really creeping up on August? Seriously? This summer is flying by. I can’t believe that it’s halfway over… I still feel like I just got home!


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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

north carolina! part two: ocean

So the second part of our trip started in Edenton, North Carolina. We didn’t know much about Edenton, except it was close to the ocean, but not super-pricey. (Hey, good enough for me.) It’s on the Albemarle Sound, though, so we still got to see water there. It turned out to be a pretty small town, but with a gorgeous historical district. Mom and I spent July Fourth writing at Acoustic Coffee (where they introduced me to cinnamon hazelnut coffee—the best ever!) and then at our hotel.


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north carolina! part one: mountains

I’m back!! Safely sitting in Illinois again, with my suitcase unpacked, postcards spread out, etc. etc. It’s great to be home—somehow the trip felt longer than it actually was. But Mom and I had a really great time. We saw all kinds of new places, and we got a lot of writing done, too.


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