Sunday, February 25, 2007


Every year Calvin’s international students put on a variety show called Rangeela in which they display mostly the music and dances of their various cultures.  They always put on such a phenomenal show.  Well, at least the past two years they have.  I didn’t see it before then because I was in high school in Iowa.  But the performances are beautifully executed and well put together, and so many cultures are represented.  There were dances, skits, songs, and demonstrations from Thailand, New Zealand, the Phillippines, South Africa, Ireland, China, Vietnam, India, Korea, and various European and African countries.  I don’t think there are pictures up on Calvin’s website yet, but you can see the preview video on  Or visit Calvin’s international student webpage at  There are some cool things going on here at Calvin. 


Posted by Emily MacLeod on 02/25 at 02:15 PM
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