Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Apologies to the Political Science Department

Dear Political Science Department,
I apologize for being loud yesterday.  I did not realize the speakers would circumvent the headphones I had plugged into the computer.  In fact, it took me three hours to figure out that you were hearing the 8-year-old voices telling the story of “The Boy, The Dog, and The Frog” right along with me.  I am transcribing some children’s retelling of the story, and I am unused to the technological equipment I have been given, which results in embarrassing situations like the one I found myself in yesterday.  I honestly believed that when you came and closed the door to my office it was because I was typing too loudly.  It never occurred to me that the darling little voices I heard cheerfully repeating snippets of sentences at my command were not in fact coming to my ears through my headphones, but through the loudspeakers sitting next to my computer.  You must have thought me quite silly, wearing headphones while the voices came out of the two-foot tall speakers sitting on either side of me.  I did not mean to include you in my world of sentence fragments and high-pitched little voices.  I hope you at least enjoyed the lines about “the feisty little frog” and “I think [the dog’s] name is Wow-Wow.” 
My apologies,
Emily MacLeod

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 01/13 at 05:50 PM
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