Wednesday, December 06, 2006

worth waking up for

On Wednesday mornings for the second half of this semester a number of us have gathered for Bible study at 10:00.  For some reason, I seem to get to bed late on Tuesdays, so waking up is never pleasant on Wednesday morning.  Our Bible study is worth it, though.  We don’t really do much Bible studying per se.  We typically read a selected passage and then read a couple of chapters from “The Last Battle” by C.S. Lewis, and end our time together with prayer. 

There is something so rich about living with the same people with whom you share prayer requests.  To know that they know what is weighing on your mind and are praying for you is such a comfort.  It has strengthened our bond and I am so grateful that Ryan started the Bible study. 
Christian fellowship is something that we have to search out here.  With our group excursions happening on weekends, and traveling by ourselves many times, too, church has been something of a rarity this semester.  When we are here, we love going to the English-speaking Church of Scotland.  The congregation there is most welcoming, and Christina has even played her cello for a service.  However, it has only worked out for me to go about four times this whole semester.  I’m really looking forward to having church be a weekly thing once again when I get home. 
With this void in my life, the Bible study really became important.  I really enjoy the story of “The Last Battle,” of course, and it’s fun to read each week.  I also really like to read aloud, and the others like to let me.  And with the semester drawing to a close, and tensions rising among certain members of the group (quite naturally, we are getting homesick and tired and stressed about school), it is good to have an hour each Wednesday morning in which we set aside our petty little quarrels and focus on our faith, and the fact that it is shared. 
I personally have been struggling to like certain of my roommates lately.  It’s simply an end-of-the-semester thing.  It happened last year with my beloved roommate, too.  By the time Christmas break rolled around, I just needed some space for a little bit.  I know others here are feeling the same way.  We’ve spent too much time together, the added schoolwork creates stress, and with the knowledge that we will be home in less than two weeks, it is easy to grow snippish with one another.  This morning at Bible study, however, I was reminded that they are my sisters in Christ, and they are also growing weary.  When you are praying for someone, and they are sitting at the table wth you, it is harder to remain upset.  So I appreciate the Wednesday morning Bible study, and the bond it creates between far-from-home and slightly overwhelmed students.

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 12/06 at 06:20 AM
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