Sunday, October 08, 2006

what to do when procrastinating in Budapest

When presented with a five-day weekend, one doesn’t feel a pressing need to do homework right away.  I’ve always been good about staying on top of my school work, doing it as I get it and not letting it pile up, but having the urgency of due dates really helped with that.  Now, after my three Monday classes and one Tuesday class are done, I feel like I have so much time, why do homework now?  I try to do a bit each day so that it doesn’t really pile up, but it is so nice to be able to enjoy the weekend, and then have the weekend to do my homework!  Especially this time of year, when it is so beautiful out.  The weather has just turned cooler, but it’s still in the upper sixties with clear blue skies every day.  Not like Michigan.  I’ve been told by native Hungarians that this is not typical weather, and last year by the time October rolled around they had already had the heat on for a whole month.  Isn’t it an El Nino year?  I think so, and I’m very glad it is.

The Castle District was one of the places the group went on our first day in Budapest, and I hadn’t been back there since.  Being there that first night didn’t really leave my with any distinct memories, either, because I was so tired and hungry that I couldn’t really focus on what we were doing.  A few in our group had gone back, and were greatly impressed, so Julia and I made an afternoon out of it on Friday.  On our way up the hill to the Castle District, we passed a tunnel we had never seen before.  This humorous sign was posted outside.

In the beautiful setting at the top of the hill, we goofed off, taking “senior pictures.”  This has become quite a fad among our group here.  When we see a lovely place, we stop and take a glamour shot, sometimes many.  Here’s mine from the top of Castle Hill:

So what makes Castle Hill such a picturesque place, you say?  Well, you decide: is it lovely or not?
We walked around the area, just enjoying the nice weather and the lovely architecture.  We brought along some reading, too.

The Castle District is a bit touristy, even this late in the year.  We heard lots of English, saw lots of young families, and witnessed plenty of picture-taking.  Of course, we did some of the touristy stuff too. 
We still had time for some homework on Friday afternoon, and Friday evening a group of us went to a concert put on by some music conservatory students, which was fabulous.  There was an organist, a choir, a clarinet trio, a classical guitarist, and a flute/accordian duet.  Everything was well-played and simply lovely.  One of our Hungarian host students was in the choir, so after the concert we chatted with him for a bit.  Some of the group went from there to a Latin/African drum festival, but Julia, Christine, Kevin (Ryan and Nate’s Belgian roommate), and I came back to the dorm instead.  Julia, Christine, and I watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, downloaded off the internet, and then went to bed.  It was so nice. 
This has been such a relaxing weekend, and I’m so glad I get to look forward to another similar weekend in three days.

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