Monday, November 12, 2007


Welcome to my house!  Come in, and let me give you a tour!  I know you’ve been dying to see where I live, so let me show you.  We’ll start here, as you enter the front door (captions are below the pictures they describe)...

This is our living room.  Please note the cozy fireplace that keeps us warm.  :)  Behind the glass-paned door is Laura’s room and the stairs, and through the open doorway is the dining room.  Let’s head that way.

So now we’re in the doorway to the dining room, looking back on the living room.  We hang out in here a lot.  The couches are comfortable, we have lots of blankets to fight the chill when there’s no fire, and in the far left corner (beyond where you can see) is our TV and Playstation 2, which we use to watch movies and to play Dance Dance Revolution.  Plus the carpet in the living room is brand new, so it’s nice to sit on to do a little homework, much as Laura is doing in this picture.

Ok, so we’ve turned around and this is the dining room, with the kitchen beyond.  We don’t eat together as much as we’d like, but when we do get a chance to share a meal we often end up sitting here talking for a long time after we’ve finished eating.

Turning a little more (to the left) we see the entrance to Laura’s room, a closet (behind the golden curtain), and the stairs leading to the upper floor.

Here’s Laura’s room from the doorway…

and a little farther in.  That door you see leads to the main floor bathroom, which is our next stop.

To help you orient yourself:  Laura’s room is behind you, and to your right is a door to the kitchen.  Let’s go there…

Coming into the kitchen, it is not unusual to find Jake, Laura’s boyfriend helping with our dishes.  We try not to let them pile up, but by the end of busy weeks it is pretty much inevitable.  So most weekends we have a dish pile to take care of.  Jake is out of school now though, so he doesn’t have homework, so he helps us out.  Thanks Jake! 

If you were to look more to the right, and less out into the kitchen, you’d see the pantry closet and the door to the basement.

Ok, that’s where I was standing in the last two pictures.

And one last picture of the kitchen.  That door you see leads into a small, unheated room where we keep our recyclables until garbage day.  We keep some bigger kitchen items out there too…the crockpot, hot pot, huge mixing bowls, etc. 

All right, we’re in the basement now.  This is the downstairs bedroom, which future housemates will occupy.  Right now just their stuff is there.  We’ll like it better when it’s actually them.  :)

That’s how we got downstairs.  Note the mess in the background:  it’s all gone now.  We had a huge cleaning party, listened to the Beatles for two hours, and sorted it all into garbage or Goodwill-bound.  But I don’t have time to take more pictures, so just imagine a nice clean basement instead of that cluttered one and you’ve got it.  The stairs are slightly to your right if you’re looking out of the bedroom.

If, however, you looked to the left you’d see the washing machine and dryer.  Free laundry…hallelujah!  We are lucky girls.

Upstairs we go…I hope your legs can take it, because we have a pretty long, narrow staircase, and if you’re any taller than I am you’ll probably hit your head on the ceiling.  Sorry, but that’s how it is in century-old houses.  Anyway, as you’re coming up to the upper floor you’ll see the bedroom that I share with Lindsey on the left.  Farther left (out of the picture) is a thus-far empty bedroom, awaiting an occupant.  In the middle of the picture is Patience’s bedroom.  On the right you can see some of the linen closet.  Past it on the right is the bathroom.  Beyond that on the right, so almost behind you, is the study, and almost behind you on your left are the stairs leading to the attic. 

So there’s the empty room.  I guess it’s been sort of a catch-all for the things we don’t know what to do with.  We’re in the process of moving them up to the attic, but this process is a slow, months-long one because we rarely have the time to just do it.

Next, what I’m sure you’ve been waiting for, my room.  I share it with Lindsey, so with two busy girls in one small room it is always a bit cluttered.  Please disregard the slight mess.

Patience’s place…

Now, if you’re in the doorways to the two bedrooms I just showed you, and you turn around and look back into the hall, you can see the doorway to the empty room on your right, the door to the attic stairs, then the stairs going down, and the study.  If I had a panorama camera you could see the bathroom farther to the left of the study.  But we’ll get there.  Next, in fact.

So there it is.  The bathroom.  Complete with carpeting.  No house is perfect.

The study where Lindsey and I give a good show of doing homework.

And, finally, the attic.  See, we have gotten some things up there!  But here’s the thing:  there aren’t any lights up there, nor is their heat, so since we’re mostly home at night the attic is not particularly inviting.  But it’s good for storage. 

Well all right.  Thanks for coming over!

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 11/12 at 03:10 PM

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