Monday, June 18, 2007

tunnel park

The last beach I was on was Paradise Beach on Santorini in Greece.  If you’ve been following my blogs, you know that was in October of 2006.  Since it is now mid-June of 2007, I decided it was about time to hit the beach once more.  On Saturday my friend Lindsey’s younger brother, Jalen, (you might remember them from the extreme croquet entry) had a baseball tournament in Holland, MI.  Because Ann Arbor, where their family lives, is about three hours from Holland, and Jalen’s first game was at 8 a.m., Lindsey’s family stayed in Grand Rapids with her grandparents on Friday night.

I didn’t actually see Lindsey on Friday because I was hanging out with Eunji, who is at Calvin to be an Entrada RA (a student leader).  We went to Jersey Junction for some yummy rasperry truffle ice cream, and then played at Nehemiah’s house.  He has a hammock and an old-school video game called “Bust a Move,” both of which provided plenty of Friday night entertainment.  Eunji and I originally thought that “Bust a Move” was going to be a dancing game, similar to Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), but it is really a lot closer to Tetris, where you pop bubbles by putting bubbles of the same color together.  It’s pretty addicting. 

But anyway, back to the beach.  On Saturday morning Laura and I went to Holland with Lindsey’s family to watch Jalen’s 8:00 game, where his team “mercied” the other team, meaning that the game ended when Jalen’s team had ten runs more than the other team in the 6th inning.  It was pretty much completely overcast while we were there, and Lindsey, Laura, and I were even a little chilly.  However, our next stop was the beach, and even a cold, cloudy day wasn’t going to keep us away.  We picked up some subs from Subway and then Lindsey’s parents dropped us off at Tunnel Park. 

The first hour and a half was spent trying to nap.  I was too chilly to sleep though, so I ended up reading my Mary Higgins Clark book.  But the sun came out around 12:30, and then we laid on our towels and chatted.  Lindsey’s future plans stay pretty much the same all the time: she’s going to be a midwife.  Laura and I aren’t so sure.  We like to run ideas by Lindsey and each other to get feedback, so we did a lot of that on Saturday, and also just enjoyed people-watching and laughing together.

All in all, a pretty good time at the beach.  When the sun came out it got hot, so we were glad to leave after an hour and go watch Jalen’s second game.  Unfortunately he lost that one, but we sat in the shade and read a People magazine while we watched the game, and had a very nice time.  However, that was when I got sunburned.  I almost always get sunburned the first time I go out in the sun every year.  It’s the curse of the redheads.  But this time I was so careful, and I put on sunscreen, and I sat in the shade, and still.  I am lobster-red on my shoulders and shins.  The burn-lines follow my tank-top and capris, so it didn’t happen at the beach, either.  Oh the irony.

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 06/18 at 11:19 AM

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