Monday, May 12, 2008

The other option

I told you last night that Nehemiah and I are starting a garden.  We are both, however, novices in this endeavor, and have no guarantee that we will actually get anything edible out of it.  We’re hoping and praying to get a bounty of delicious vegetables, of course, but we are also realistic.  Besides that, there are certain things that you just cannot grow in one season.  Take, for example, one of my personal favorites: asparagus.  It takes a long time to establish an asparagus bed, so instead of planting our own, I’m taking a different route to obtain my tasty green treat.  The Farmer’s Market.

After long months of no Farmer’s Market, it reopened last weekend!  Liz, Lindsey, and I were on our bikes on the way to the Market by 8:30 last Saturday morning.  Lindsey had to be at work at 10, so we had to get an early start.  The morning was crisp but held the promise of a sun-filled day.  The roads were fairly empty so early on the first Saturday of May, and we made good time to the Market.  Upon arrival we met up with our friend Taylor (if you ever look at Calvin’s roving webcam, you’ll see his pictures).  He knew a few of the vendors.  Clearly he was a regular last fall and made some friends.  Most of the vendors were selling seedlings or processed goods since it’s still early in the growing season, but there were a number of stands with asparagus and rhubarb, another of my favorites.  We bought some of each, along with some yummy looking breads, with the intention of cooking the produce for dinner on Sunday evening.  My house enjoys a meal all together every Sunday evening at 6.  A different one of us cooks each week, although some weeks it’s a more joint effort, and we all sit down to enjoy good food and each others’ company for a couple of hours.  Often we have friends blessing us with their presence too.  I wish we had time to do it more often during the week, but it’s just a little difficult to get the schedules of seven full-time students to line up.  Maybe next year we’ll get lucky and all have tons of free time!  Probably not, but on Saturday we did have a little free time after doing our Farmer’s Market shopping, so we poked around the area of the Market a little bit and found a tiny German bakery replete with fresh-baked goodies.  Lindsey bought some day-old bread for $1 and Liz and I bought a giant cinnamon roll to split.

We had time to sit in the empty side parking lot of the bakery and enjoy our baked goods before we had to bike home for Lindsey to get to work on time.  I always love it when I have any free time whatsoever with my housemates.  We were chatting on our way home from school tonight that the girls we live with are honestly some of our very favorite people.  We all get along so well and treat each other with such kindness and respect, but our senses of humor are almost perfectly aligned too.  It makes exam time so much more enjoyable when you can spend it with your favorite people, even if what you’re doing together is putting hours in at the library, reading your notes over and over trying to figure out what you meant by that obscure little scribble in the corner of your paper.  Having good friends around makes the time go faster and the studying seem less torturous.  I’m pretty lucky to have found such wonderful friends.

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 05/12 at 09:32 PM

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