Sunday, April 01, 2007

the greatest floordate

I’m not sure the title is entirely true, but if this floordate wasn’t the best, it was at least right up there at the top of the list.  Maybe I should start with what a floordate is.  It’s not that complicated: basically a girls’ floor goes on a “date” with a boys’ floor.  This past Friday at 4 my floor had a date with 3rd Beets.  I have a few friends on that floor (like Nehemiah…you should read his blog about this same event!, and we thought our floors would have a good time together. 

As AC (activities coordinator), I get to pick what floors we date and what we do, so naturally I asked their AC if they would like to date us.  After receiving an affirmative answer, we decided to do a photo scavenger hunt.

On Friday mornings (and on Mondays and Wednesdays) I have a free hour between 9 and 10.  On Fridays, though, my friend Dora (who was with me in Hungary) works in the library, and I don’t usually do much more than chat with her for an hour.  This Friday, though, I had a project: come up with ideas for the scavenger hunt.  I think we came up with some good ones. 
We had six groups, most of which consisted of two girls and one boy.  Some groups got two boys.  Mine didn’t, but that was fine because our boy was fun.  His name was Luke, and he’s the brother of one of my friends (although I didn’t know that when we started).  The other girl in my group was Melissa, a sophomore who lived on 3rd Kalsbeek (I live on 2nd) last year, and has moved down to 2nd this year.  Unfortunately I don’t have pictures from any of the other groups, but maybe I’ll get some later and add those.  For now, though, here are a few of my groups’ pictures. 

On a skateboard:

On a “Calvin Walk”:

Doing the “Pharoah” pose in the Audio-Visual Department:

Having a dance party in the Overpass:

My group didn’t win because some groups (like the one with my roommate Patience) were completely gungho about it and ran everywhere.  It was really fun, though.  Be sure to read Nehemiah’s blog for another take on it (when he posts…)!

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