Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thanksgiving already?

If you’re Canadian, then you have already celebrated Thanksgiving.  If, like me, you are living among four Canadians, then you get to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving AND still look forward to American Thanksgiving.  For those of you who don’t know, Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated on Monday, October 9.  Since we had classes all day, with twelve of us taking Art History until 9:30 at night, a celebration was planned for the following day.  Our Tuesday night culture class had been postponed until Wednesday morning, so at 6:30 on Tuesday night the festivities began.

Preparation started about two hours early.  Our dear Dora had assigned foods to prepare to each of the dorm rooms/apartment, so while some in my apartment were busy preparing desserts or gravy, two of our assignments, Julia, Jackie and I colored decorations to hang on the walls.  We printed off coloring pages of the traditional horn of plenty, autumn leaves/acorns, a pumpkin, and a turkey, and then, since it was for Canadian Thanksgiving, a Canadian flag.  We’re keeping them up until American Thanksgiving comes and goes. 
My food to prepare ended up being corn.  Instead of buying 30 ears of corn on the cob, I took the easy way out and bought canned corn, which ended up being very tasty.  It was seasoned with something, but I didn’t know what because it was in Hungarian.  It was yummy anyway.  When I went to heat up said corn, however, I realized that all of our large mixing bowls (of which there are three) were in use, as were the pots and pans, so I had nothing to put the corn in for the heating process.  So I improvised.  Yes, those are cans of corn on the stove burners.  It worked, though!

When all the food was ready, and all the people had gathered, we smooshed into our living room.  There were about 30 of us in all: all 21 Calvin students, Professor and Mrs. Fetzer, Cari’s parents and grandma, two Hungarian friends, and Kevin, who is Ryan and Nate’s Belgian roommate.  It was nice to have so many people in our apartment, and not all students working on their laptops.  It honestly felt like a family holiday celebration.  We ate lots of good food, drank nice wine, sang Thanksgiving songs together, listened to a psalm and a poem that reminded two of the Canadian students of their families, and just enjoyed each others’ company for the evening.  After dinner we played some group games - a charades type game, pictionary telephone (where the first person writes a sentence, the next draws a picture for it, the third writes a sentence about the drawing and so on and so forth until the end, when the sentence or picture you end up with is humorously distorted from the original). 
I think maybe pictures can describe the evening better than I can.  The way Eric took pictures (which he has graciously lent to me) shows the progression of some conversations very well.  There are many frames of the same picture, taken a few seconds apart.  Enjoy.
Set 1:  Trying to figure out the Hungarian saying on my coffee mug.  Characters: Prof. Fetzer, me, Mary, Kevin

Set 2: Tamara Fetzer telling Dora and Christy what appears to be a shocking story

Set 3:  Random photos taken throughout the night.

Mary and Kevin

Julia, Christy, and me

Chandra, Jackie, Bela (a Hungarian friend), Cari’s dad and Cari’s mom

Christy, me, and Mary enjoying our food

Random folks enjoying the evening

Again, I’m not going to name everyone in this photo

Yeah, it was a great night.  Made me homesick.  But I’m so excited, because on Monday I got an email from my brother telling me that he had bought a plane ticket, and would be coming to visit me over American Thanksgiving.  So I truly had something to be thankful for on Tuesday night, besides the wonderful family that has formed among the Calvin students here.

Stay tuned for further updates…

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