Friday, May 02, 2008

Squirrel Attack!

We have crazy wild squirrels living in our backyard.  In the past few weeks the antics we have witnessed have been memorable and the cause of much laughter.  For instance, this afternoon Lindsey and I saw a bold squirrel attempting to eat corn pops out of a soggy box on our back porch.  Let me explain: we’ve had something of an ant infestation this spring.  There is an entire colony of ants, complete with an underground labyrinthine home, and they prefer our food over anything else.  We’ve been doing battle for a month or two now, and recently a hoard of them was discovered in Laura’s corn pops box.  Rather than allow the little nuisances have their way with our sustenance, we put the box outside on our back porch.  Then it rained today, so the box was falling apart, and this squirrel was pulling it into shreds to get at the cereal, but every time he’d rip another piece of the box away, it would startle him and he’d jump back. 

The other week I saw what looked like a scene from “The Squirrel Godfather.”  Squirrel #1 was sitting on our neighbor’s back porch railing when Squirrel #2 started inching his way down a nearby tree.  Squirrel #1 immediately went flat on his belly, spread-eagle on the 2-by-4 that makes up the railing.  I have never seen a squirrel lay like that.  He honestly looked slain.  Squirrel #2 is slowly making his way down the tree, looking left and right, searching for something it would seem.  Eventually he moved around to the back side of the tree and Squirrel #1 saw his opportunity!  Without getting up from his prone position, he scooted around the railing to the slanted part that followed the stairs down, and belly-slid down that railing!  His arms and legs (if you can call the appendages of a squirrel that) were hanging off the sides or the railing, and he flew down it!  He stayed airborne for a second following his unnatural dismount, and when he hit the ground he was already running.  It seemed like Squirrel #2 must be a hit-man type, and Squirrel #1 was the target and knew it. 
But these stories are nothing compared to what has just, and I mean JUST, transpired.  On the back of our house is a flat roof over the lower level of the house only, so we can go on it.  It gets nice early afternoon sun, so we like to “do homework” out there.  Lindsey went out to do a little reading just now, but quickly came back into the house, startled like she has never been before.  As she was sitting there, she heard some cooing/grunting noises coming from above her, where the roof for the upper level of the house is.  Looking up, she was surprised to see a squirrel making the noises and looking at her.  Then, out of nowhere, another squirrel came charging and ran right into her!!  It retreated and she quickly came inside and we have since done some astute observation and this is our conclusion: the cooing squirrel is most definitely pregnant, and from the looks of her, will not be pregnant much longer.  The charging squirrel seems to be her mate, who is following her around everywhere and keeping the premises of their nest-area secure.  However, tells us that squirrels are solitary creatures and that the male squirrel leaves after the mating is over.  So either this is one whipped squirrel-guy or he’s way above the average.  We watched where this devoted little couple goes, and it appears that they have a nest in our chimney.

Stay tuned for squirrel-baby updates, which I hope I will be able to give.

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 05/02 at 08:03 PM

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