Friday, May 04, 2007

signing a lease

There are those defining moments in your life when you think to yourself, “I am growing up.”  I had one of those moments on Tuesday evening, around 5:30.  I signed my first lease.  I’m going to be a renter.

This fall I’ll be moving off-campus with some girls from my floor.  For the fall semester it’s looking like there will be four of us in the house - me, Lindsey (my roommate from last year, who is in Spain this semester), Laura, and Patience (both of whom I live with right now).  The house is pretty big for just four of us, but in the spring there will be 7 girls there.  Three of our housemates-to-be are going off-campus for the fall: Moriah to Hungary, Liz to France, and Natalie to Oregon (although that isn’t for sure yet).  We’re pretty excited about the whole thing.
On Tuesday afternoon we went with our landlord (who happens to be Lindsey’s dad) to view the house.  We were blown away by how much we liked it.  None of us were quite sure what to expect, but this house is beautiful.  It is over 100 years old, has solid oak woodwork, 10-foot ceilings, a wood burning stove (in addition to a regular stove), and plenty of room for seven girls.  Natalie, who is artistic, will even have room for a studio in the basement.
We have a decent sized backyard complete with a porch, picnic table, and grill.  There are two bunny hutches in the yard, too, with Lindsey’s pet rabbits.  We’re looking forward to caring for them.

Now, though, we have the challenge of furnishing the house.  We each need a bed, desk, and dresser.  We need some couches (we have a couple, but not enough to furnish this house) and shelving units, too.  We’ve been looking on Calvin’s version of ebay, e-deals, and hope to get some good options there, but things sell fast and we haven’t gotten anything yet.  This is a challenge none of us have had to face before, but it’s exciting, and we’re up for it.

The Dining Room:

The Living Room:

The Wood Burning Stove (where we will roast many a marshmallow):

Another view of the dining room, looking into the kitchen:

Our front porch:

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