Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I’ve been back in my Grand Rapids “home” for almost two weeks now, and it has been something of an adjustment period.  First of all, there was the jet lag which had to be dealt with.  That was easy: the day after I got back I went to bed early and slept for twelve hours.  Adjustment complete.  Secondly, I had to get used to new housemates.  The living situation I was in all last year seemed so easy and comfortable.  We all knew each other well, having lived together for two years in the dorms prior to moving off-campus.  It was not really any work to make everyone feel included and a part of our non-biological family, the houseloves.  This summer, however, only two of us housemates are originals, me and Moriah.  The other three people in our house are not houseloves.  Thankfully we all have a decent amount of free time in which to hang out and build community, so the adjustment hasn’t been too difficult, but at first it felt a bit disorienting to wake up and find someone different using the bathroom or the kitchen and not know quite how to relate to them.

My third adjustment was possibly the hardest: getting back into the swing of things at work.  I love my job, especially the people I get to work with.  People in the Admissions Office are quirkily funny, hardworking, intelligent, and sincerely kind-hearted.  Coming back to them was no big deal at all.  However, I was unused to the 8-hour work day, coming so soon after what was basically a 25-day vacation with a few hours of class thrown in for good measure.  My work ethic had suffered, to say the least.  It was hard to re-discipline myself to focus on data entry or folding mailings for any significant amount of time at first.  My fellow student workers have helped me to focus in the most interesting of ways, though: they distract me enough that I am able to do the work.  We’ll be chatting away, and all of a sudden I’ll realize that I’ve just spent two hours entering names into the database.  The oldies will be keeping a beat and before I know it we’ve folded 300 letters.  The people really are why I love working here.  I laugh so hard I cry multiple times each day.  I never have to go to lunch alone; even if someone has to go late, the rest of the student workers will wait.  We do fun activities during our break time.  Today is Wednesday, which means that we have a 15-minute wiffle ball game scheduled for during our afternoon break.  It’s also Rachael’s birthday, so the morning break will feature homemade cupcakes.  Yesterday was Tour-the-world-Tuesday, so we saw a short slideshow of pictures from Amos’ home and were treated to a Philipino dessert of vibrantly purple ice cream that tasted sort of like the color amber if you can imagine to yourself what that might taste like.  I don’t know exactly how else to describe the flavor.  Thursday is always theme-dress day, so tomorrow we are all supposed to dress formally.  Last week we all wore orange on Thursday.  Surprisingly, even I pulled it off.  (Orange isn’t really my color.  Remember that I have red hair…)
This summer will be fun.  I’ve settled into a sleeping pattern, my housemates and I are getting along just fine, I have friends to spend my time off with, and work is, as always, a pleasure.

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 06/25 at 07:26 AM

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