Saturday, November 03, 2007

my deepest apologies

My dear readers, I am so sorry for the lapse in writing.  As my grandmother reminded me this morning, it has been a month since I’ve written!  Yes, I’ve been busy, but there’s really no excuse.  Now I am at my new favorite study spot, finally writing again.  Where is my new favorite spot?  Why the East Grand Rapids Public Library of course!  It is probably about a mile from my house, and it is beautiful.  There are desks overlooking Reeds Lake, where you can watch the swans gracefully glide across the water as you procrastinate.  Or you can head downstairs to the play room (well, really it’s only for those age 4 and under).  Here I can check out movies for free (Blockbuster, why haven’t you thought of that yet?), borrow books on everything from home-decorating to sports to Asian history to how write a good resume.  Calvin’s library is most impressive, but it is oriented toward the student and not the home-renter.  I feel more a part of the community here, and less like an impostor living in this neihborhood.  It’s nice.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to sit and stare at this view:

Life is busy enough as it is; it is good to have a place to escape to with the express intent of really focusing on something for awhile.  Even with the best of intents, I don’t do my work when I’m at home.  There are too many distractions…I could rake those leaves in the yard, wash those dishes in the sink, answer the door and let the neighbor kids come play for a bit, do a load of laundry, bake something yummy;  the list goes on and on.  There’s a lot of responsibility to living in a house, but I also owe a certain responsibility to my schoolwork.  I would hate to fall behind, especially because I like my classes so much.  But everything must be more intentional, from school work to spending time with friends.
Almost two weeks ago now we had our fall recess, so on Tuesday and Wednesday we simply didn’t have class.  It was such a blessing to have that break, although honestly, I didn’t do any homework, so it didn’t help me get caught up on anything.  But I was able to take time to see certain friends, including those I live with.  It’s amazing how little we see each other, even living in the same house.  Lindsey is gone most of each day with nursing classes or practicums, Laura is at school every evening for play rehearsal (but it’s done next weekend, so we’ll finally get to see her again!), and Patience has soooo much homework that when we’re home she’s often holed up in her room studying.  Lindsey, Patience, and I try to eat supper together most evenings, but even that doesn’t work out half the nights.  I had heard that junior year is the busiest, and it seems to be true.
Over fall recess though we had one night at home (along with Eunji) when we could just hang out.  We baked cookies, talked, danced around, and goofed off for hours.  It was wonderful!

I am blessed to have friends who go out of their way to see me, because otherwise I think I would never see them.  They’re good friends to have fun with too.  Just the other weekend Patience, Lindsey, our friend Bennett, and I dressed up in crazy outfits just to go to the movies.  Just because.  It was so much fun, and we were having such a good time that everyone who saw us enjoyed it too.  Lots of people were chuckling as we bought our tickets, loitered in the lobby for a few minutes, and then headed to our theater. 

So yeah, my life is a busy and intentional one these days, but fulfilling nonetheless.  I won’t say I’m not looking forward to Christmas break and no homework, though.  ;)

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 11/03 at 03:41 PM

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