Sunday, March 09, 2008

Jamaica for Spring Break

Ok, not really.  In fact, very far from it.  I am spending my spring break in Grand Rapids, working and getting ahead on some projects.  It won’t be a lying-on-the-beach type of break, but it will pay off later in the year when my projects are already done and I have enough money to buy groceries.  Plus, a number of my friends are sticking around too, including my delightful housemate Liz.  We’ve been having a most relaxing weekend.  We had enough time to really clean the house yesterday, and since there will be so few people in this house for the week, it will stay clean!  Plus we’ve done all our laundry and had time to make some good food that will last the whole week.  And tonight, we went to Jamaica.

Or rather, we created Jamaica in the upstairs sun room at our friend Brenda’s house.  First we fried up some bananas (there were no plantains at the store).

Then we cut up some fresh fruits…pineapple, oranges, bananas, and, mango.

But the Jamaican recreation came when we carried the fruits, the jerk chicken, and the coconut cake upstairs to the sun room where we had the space heater and the Bob Marley cranking.  We sat on low couches and pretended it wasn’t snowing outside.  (You might notice that many of my friends enjoy making silly faces in pictures, even after I’ve told them that they might very well end up on the Calvin weblog looking like that!)

The weekend has definitely felt like a vacation, and I really needed one.  And there’s still a whole week.  :)

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 03/09 at 08:42 PM

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