Saturday, February 28, 2009

Increasing Opportunities

We are growing up and becoming adults.  It is more and more apparent to me every day.  Some things are simple: I do my own laundry, cook my own meals, clean my own house.  But some things are more subtle.  For instance, three of my housemates have recently had wonderful presentations of their abilities, which I have been privileged enough to attend. 

Moriah recently completed her last stage performance with Calvin College.  She was excellent as the power-hungry wife of a small-town mayor in the Russian tundra.  She has such a gift for portraying a character.  It is always a joy to watch her perform, especially after having been witness to the long days and short nights she has put into the piece.  Her next project is to produce her own play at Calvin.  She wrote it herself, applied for and received a grant to do some additional work for it in Germany this summer, and will help direct it at Calvin next January.  She is incredible!
Natalie opened her own art show downtown last weekend.  Her art is professional quality and for sale in a gallery.  Not the mark of a child.
Patience gave a lecture on the ... um ... well it was something to do with mitochondrial DNA, monkeys, and the aging process.  Last summer she worked in a laboratory doing research on the topic, and she presented it to a full lecture hall here at Calvin yesterday.  She was poised, interesting (even to non-biology majors who found it difficult to follow all the terminology), and professional.  I was so proud to be associated with her.
People ask me sometimes what my favorite thing about Calvin is and I always tell them that, cliche as it may sound, the people are what make Calvin for me.  Our professors have helped nurture us to this point where we are now spreading our wings.  It is a scary thing to put your heart’s work on the line the way these women do, but we are supported and encouraged and so it is a possibility for us.  Calvin has been our place for the past three and a half years, and now we are beginning to distance ourselves a bit by forging our own creative paths.  I have the image of kites in my mind: we needed quite a bit of coaxing and help to get off the ground, but now the wind is starting to get under us, and we’re starting to enjoy the ride.  We are still necessarily connected to Calvin by our strings for now, but soon enough the string-holders will let go and we will soar off on our own.  All the raw materials were there before we started Calvin, but now they have been assembled well and we have begun to be launched.  It is an exciting time.

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 02/28 at 03:34 PM

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