Wednesday, July 25, 2007

finding a place

This is the first summer that I have not lived at home.  All the summers that I have worked I have done so at a day care that was within biking distance of my house, so I was near home, saw my family every day, hung out with high school friends most evenings, and I knew where I belonged.  This summer for the first time I have been for the most part on my own.  I live with my grandparents, so I do have a home to go to at the end of the day, good food prepared for me, and beloved people to eat it with, but it has still been an exercise in finding my place. 

Spending a semester studying abroad really helped me become more comfortable with myself and being alone and independent, and I’m so glad I’ve had that experience to fall back on this summer.  Plus, it gave me over 500 pictures with which to scrapbook, and that takes a long time.  So that has been my summer project, but I also like having friends to hang out with in the evenings during the summer.  I have no homework, so nothing is pressing and I feel like I have lots of time.  Recently I’ve found a great group of friends to hang out with, and they happen to be my coworkers. 
The summer student workers at the Admissions Office really clicked.  We’ve always gotten along, but as we’ve spent more and more time together and our personalities have come out we have come to the realization that we really like each other. 

For the past couple of weeks now we’ve spent most evenings together, beyond the 8.5 hours we spend at work each day.  There are five of us who live either at Calvin or right by it, so we can easily get together in the evening.  Recently we’ve gone to Jersey Junction, a fun ice cream parlor about two miles from campus in Gaslight Village.  Gaslight Village is this quaint little place with lots of shops and eateries.  It has the feel of a small European town: people out walking around, no chain stores, streetside cafes.

I still miss my friends from home and living with my family, but it’s nice to have a place here, too.  I feel comfortable with my accommodations at my grandparents and how things work there, and I feel comfortable with my group of friends here this summer.  It usually takes me awhile to find that, but I guess when you spend 10+ hours a day with people, you get to know them quickly.  The nice thing about working at Calvin for the summer is that the friends that I have made in this office aren’t going anywhere, and when school starts again I’ll still see them. 

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 07/25 at 04:32 PM

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