Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ending the semester

I spent a lot of time this past semester hanging out with three girls from my floor: Patience, Liz, and Eunji.  We like to do things with flair.  I mean, we have matching toe nail polish.  We go all out.  But really, who doesn’t like to be fun and creative?  So when it came time to end the semester and say goodbye, we knew it couldn’t be anything too simple. 

Patience finished her exams on Saturday afternoon, and was leaving to go home on Sunday morning (this was all about a week and a half ago…I’ve been busy since then).  So Saturday evening had to be our last hurrah.  But what to do?  We couldn’t go off campus…no car and no time.  But we wanted to do something memorable to close out the year.  Liz had recently bought her first (and therefore only) little black dress, every girl’s staple item.  She hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet, so that gave us an idea.  Why not put on our little black dresses and go somewhere? 

But where to go? And what to do there?  Well, there was an unopened bottle of sparkling apple-cranberry juice in the refrigerator, just waiting for a special occasion.  There weren’t going to be many more, so we decided to break it out.  So now we were in little black dresses, and had an activity, but we still needed a location.  On campus…hm…how about Johnny’s?  Ok.  So off we went.

We only had one as-yet-unpacked drinking vessel, and it happened to be our “love mug.”  It’s an over-sized mug that I bought last year for a Valentine’s Day party prize.  My roommate Laura won it, so it’s been in our room this year, and is headed to our house for the fall.  All the “to the house” items were going in one of my storage bins, so the love mug was still out.

So we went to Johnny’s, drank our juice, and had some adventures.  Our friend Nehemiah joined us for a bit.  You might know him from the blog next to mine.  It’s definitely worth a read.

We also happened across some boys who had also decided to end the year in style (what sort of style I’ll leave up to you).  They came into Johnny’s, and we knew right away that we had to take a picture with them.  We had been getting some weird looks, but they had us beat.

Yep.  They were wearing boxes.  (Don’t worry…they had shorts on, too).  Calvin college students are nothing if not creative in their fun.

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 05/23 at 04:36 PM

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