Thursday, August 07, 2008

Eating Well

I’ve been so busy this summer that I’ve had very little time to just enjoy the earth’s bounty, but in the past week I have taken the time and it has been so worth it.

There is a wonderful house of recently college-graduated men who host community dinners each week on Thursday.  These men became good friends of mine mostly within the past 8 months, and their home is now located only a few blocks from mine.  Last week Thursday was the first time all summer I’ve been able to make it to this dinner, and I looked forward to it all week.  The weekend before was the wedding of one of David’s housemates, and we saw all these fabulous men at the wedding and made concrete plans to join them for supper on Thursday, so I had plenty of time to gear up my tastebuds for spinach/tofu lasagna and fresh blueberry pie. 

The company was on equal footing with the incredible food, and we sat, talked, and laughed long past when the food was gone.  We even played with a diggeradoo that was just laying around the attic.

You know how sometimes you have these “hidden treasure” friends?  You forget just how great they are until you spend some time with them, and then you wonder why you haven’t been spending all of your free time with them.  That’s what these guys are.
The weekend of gustatory greatness did not end there though.  On Saturday morning David and I went to the Farmer’s Market.  I hadn’t been there since May, and it had been at least six weeks since he’d been there either.  I love the Farmer’s Market…perusing the produce, sampling the sweets (the Hungarian lady’s baked goods are to die for), and chatting with chums (I may have gotten carried away with alliteration…sorry about that).  We bought fresh sweet corn, roma tomatoes, banana peppers, a bell pepper, fresh basil and garlic, red potatoes, summer squash, zucchini, an eggplant, and a quart of fresh blueberries.  We were strangely not hungry when we got back to my house, so we commenced chopping, dicing, and cutting our veggies to make a huge batch of ratatouille. 

David, my housemate Anna, and I ate like royalty and still had six tupperware containers full of leftovers.  We hadn’t even used all the produce yet, either.

How to use the rest?  Well, we had burgers with fresh basil and tomato on them with side of sweet corn and a blueberry cobbler for dessert that night, and then made a pizza with the rest of the veggies on Sunday night. 

We’ve been eating leftovers all week…there are still a couple of ratatouille/pasta lunches to be had in my fridge, and I finally just finished the blueberry cobbler last night.  Delicious fresh food is just one reason why I love weekends where I don’t have to go anywhere.  After a lazy at-home weekend I get to eat good things for many days.

(photos from Thursday night’s community dinner were taken by Taylor Voss:

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 08/07 at 09:31 AM

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