Tuesday, January 16, 2007

back at Calvin

The transition back into Calvin-life has not been a particularly easy one, but it has been and continues to be enjoyable.  Obviously the biggest change I had to make was the people I spent my time with.  Very few of my friends from Hungary live on campus, and none are in my dorm.  I see Karin from time to time in the dining hall, and I’ve run into various others at the January Series (a lecture series Calvin puts on every January…most definitely worth one’s time), but for the most part, the people around me now are completely new.  My dorm is full of freshmen I haven’t had a chance to get to know.  I have a different RA.  I’m not even living with my roommate from last year.  So things are different.

But different isn’t always bad.  I’m sad that I’ve missed the first four months of college for the freshmen on my floor.  They are fabulous, but they don’t need me.  I wanted to be that sophomore suitemate who was the first person the freshman turned to.  My suities, Gina and Kayla, are already established.  So things aren’t what I had wanted, but I’m having a great time anyway.  I can relate to the freshmen as more of an equal.  They’ve had half as much experience at Calvin as I have, and it’s been more recent.  Last night we had hot seat (where two girls answer any questions the rest of the floor poses), and then a dance party.  I live in the three-person room, which has the handicapped accessible bathroom (aka enough room for a couch).  So we turned it into a dance club for the evening.  It was great.  We had girls from first, second, and third floor coming together to shake it to Sean Paul, all in my bathroom.  I loved it. 
I’m just so glad I came back to Calvin for Interim.  All the free time makes for good bonding.  We have DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) in my room, and that’s a big draw.  If I turn it on and start playing, there are always people who come in to play.  Laura (my roommate) and I hosted a tea party in our room last week to get to know some of the girls on the floor, too.

There are also the Interim traditions that bring people together: midnight broomball games, Stealth (similar to tag, but dormwide), and open hours almost every day. 

I’ve even participated in duct-taping a new friend, Danny, to his door.

My imterim class is another high point each day.  I’m in a class called “Faith and Fiction” that is team-taught by two of Calvin’s finest English professors, and the course is simply fabulous.  We read a novel each weekend and then discuss it in class come Monday.  Tuesdays and Fridays we watch a movie and then discuss it.  We read two, three, or four short stories for all the other days, and discuss them.  Some discussion-based classes can be a real drag.  This is not one of those classes.  I think that the professor’s leading ability and the willingness of the students to participate can completely make or break a class, and both are top-notch in the case of my Interim course.  We have lively debate every day.  It is so worth waking up at 7:30 every morning. 
So overall, I’d say the transition has been good.  Of course I’ve had to go out of my way to make new friends, but the ones I’ve found are lovely.  And I can handle anything when I have a super class every day.

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