Monday, November 19, 2007

a wild weekend

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when speaking to the parents of prospective students is what Calvin students do on the weekends.  Do we go to wild parties?  Do we drink copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and act in an unruly and promiscuous fashion?  I always tell them that, as at any school, I’m sure there are such students, but they’re not my friends.  My friends enjoy a more cultured weekend…Scrabble anyone?

That’s right.  On Saturday night my housemates and I hosted a Super Sweet Speed Scrabble Shindig (those of you impressed by my alliterative skills, all I can say is that I am a once and former English major).  15 or so of our wittiest and most refined friends came over for a quiet evening filled with an educational pastime.  Well, sort of. 
Turns out Speed Scrabble can be a loud, vivacious, and riotously funny game.  First we played a few rounds of every-man-for-himself (a gender nonspecific “man” that is).  Each person started with four tiles, and whenever your tiles were all incorporated in a create-your-own puzzle, you would yell “GO!” or “Take one!” and every person was required to take another tile.  Sometimes one person would get on a roll and would yell “GO!” over and over, rapidly integrating all their pieces, leaving the rest of us floundering to make two-letter words like “it” and “an” to use up our letters. 
Eventually though the group got too large to have everyone doing their own puzzle (we only have one table, and 15 Scrabble puzzles just weren’t going to fit), so we split into groups.  Three people to a team, and our puzzle had to abide by a theme.  All the words we made up had to be related to, say, farming or school. 

It’s pretty hard to do that, but with three minds working together we all came up with pretty good puzzles.  Here are a couple of the farm-themed puzzles:

When all the letters were used up and the round was over each team would make up a story using all the words they had made.  These got pretty funny, but after a couple of hours of Scrabble we decided to give our weary brains a rest and roast some marshmallows.  Our house is fantastically equipped with a wood-burning stove/fireplace.  It had been burning all evening and the coals were perfect for marshmallow-roasting.

The boys took an interest in our (dying) plants - it’s nice that someone did eventually, even if they don’t live with us to take care of our little oxygen-providing friends.

We ended the night sitting in the living room talking for about an hour, chatting about anything and everything.  And that is how good Calvin kids spend their weekends.  Scrabble, marshmallows, and deep conversations.  Not quite wild parties, alcoholic drinks, and inappropriate behaviors.  I like our kind of fun better anyway.

Posted by Emily MacLeod on 11/19 at 12:51 PM

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