Sunday, April 15, 2007

a black tie affair

I think I’ve mentioned that I am the Activities Coordinator (AC) for my floor.  It is a position that I love…somedays more than others.  Yesterday was a very gratifying day in my capacity as AC. 

Every semester each dorm has a “banquet.”  Don’t start word-associating just yet.  “Banquet” has a very loose interpretation to the dorm Activities Councils.  For instance, the past two fall semesters my dorm (Kalsbeek-Huizenga, aka, KH) has gone roller-skating for our banquet.  No food involved.  We didn’t even dress up, unless you count the 50s dress last year and 80s garb this past fall.  It is a very informal affair and just a fun thing for the dorm to do as a whole.  Many dorms do a slightly more sophisticated spring banquet, and KH is no exception.  We still don’t have a fancy dinner, though, as the word “banquet” might lead you to believe.  We do have desserts, but that’s the extent of it.  Plus, we dance.
Last night was our spring banquet.  The theme this year?  “A Black Tie Affair.”  We rented out a fancy ballroom downtown, ordered four trays of desserts from “Gourmet to Go,” hired a DJ, and brought our prom-wear up from home. 

The ACs (minus two who were unable to be there)

The dance was set to start at 8 pm, so the ACs headed downtown at 6 to set up.  Joel and I arrived first to do the decorations and meet the DJ.  He was a nice guy and brought along his apprentice: his younger brother.  We are not ones to stand in the way of budding ambition, so no big deal.  Things were going pretty well until we realized no one had talked to the caterers all week to make sure they were still planning on doing our banquet.  Our contact person had been out of town through Tuesday, sick on Wednesday, and out of the office on Thursday.  Messages were left but not returned, so we did not know what to expect.  This is a bit unnerving for the planning committee, but then Joel made a baffling discovery.  The desserts were already there.  The receptionist at our venue had not seen the caterers come in at all, but there was the evidence.  Four beautiful trays of brownies and cheesecakes awaited our taste buds.  I admit we indulged a bit before the dance started.  Who can pass up good cheesecake?
Upon dressing we realized Joel and I matched.  Of course the other ACs got a huge kick out of it all.  The two redheads could have planned their outfits.  We weren’t quite as amused, but took a picture anyway to appease the dorm president.

There was some worry about everything working out, but wonderfully enough the evening went off without a hitch.  We had a great turnout, our DJ played good music and honored all the requests, and there were no major fiascos. 

The girls from my floor who came…a much better turnout than the five of us from last year!

I eat breakfast with these guys…here they are leading the dancing to “What is Love?”

Natalie isn’t so sure about Kara’s rendition of “Always Be My Baby.”  Maybe it’s better left to Mariah Carey.

Three of the lovely ladies with whom I will make my home next year.

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