Monday, July 07, 2008

an easy contentedness

As I sit here in my dining room tonight, I am content.  My housemates and I have just returned from a grocery shopping excursion.  We are never reminded that we are fairly poor people more acutely than when we are attempting to have enough money to buy decent groceries.  We all feel the need to put healthy food into our bodies, but it is expensive!  We try to save money in other ways so that we can afford fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, and whole wheat cereals, pastas, and breads.  These sorts of things taste better and fill us up faster, even if they do hit the wallet a little hard in the check-out line.  So it’s a sacrifice we make.  We don’t want to fall into the very tempting trap of buying simply the cheapest things at the risk of compromising our health.  Hopefully later this summer our garden will begin to supplement our vegetable requirements, but the garden isn’t flourishing quite as well as we had originally hoped. 


Posted by Emily MacLeod on 07/07 at 09:11 PM
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