Thursday, October 05, 2006

a little relaxation

I think yesterday was the best day I’ve had in Budapest so far.  The weather has finally gotten a little cooler, I didn’t have a weekend trip hanging over my head, and so I just bummed around the city with Mary all day.  We left around 11 to go to Karoli Gaspar University, where we have classes on Monday.  The English department there has its own library, and we needed to do some reading for our Holocaust in American Literature class.  We stayed there doing homework until almost 1, when we left to go to a cafe, where we did a bit more reading for classes. 

Around 2 we left to go pick up my plane ticket for Greece, where I am going in two weeks.  We have a fall break for 10 days, and everyone is traveling.  Christy and I picked Greece as our destination of choice, and bought tickets online about a week ago.  That was an exciting day.  So Mary and I took the subway up farther north in the city than we had ever been.  It was so refreshing to get to a part of the city where we could still explore.  We found a large market, much like the Central Market nearer where we live and go to school, and wandered around in it for awhile.  While there we bought langos (lahn-goh-sh), a traditional Hungarian food, for the first time.  Langos is really just friend dough, which you can put seasonings on.  We both had garlic on ours.  It was fabulous, but kind of greasy.
After our langos and exploration, we headed over to Professor Fetzer’s for a weekly open house (Fetzereknel in Hungarian).  We were especially excited for it this week, because his wife, Tamara, had finally joined us here.  She flew in on Tuesday, so yesterday (Wednesday) was the first time we got to see her since our informational meeting back at Calvin in April.  It was so good to see her, and so see him so happy to have her here.  We all love Professor Fetzer a lot, so anything that makes him that happy is good for us, too.
Upon leaving Fetzereknel, though, things got really interesting.


Posted by Emily MacLeod on 10/05 at 01:48 PM
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