Monday, June 23, 2008

Tapping My Roots

After the class was over and the group left to return home, I had made arrangements to stay behind in Scotland for an extra week.  One other girl, Jessica, was staying with me, and we were going to spend the time visiting my family, none of whom I had seen more recently than 2000 - eight years ago.  We were received with warm Highland hospitality and such graciousness that we were made to feel as though we were the ones doing them a favor by staying with them!  I hope to someday have developed an easy welcoming spirit similar to theirs.  I also wouldn’t mind being timeless, as I found them to be.  It seemed as though they hadn’t changed at all in the past eight years.  My great-aunt Nanda was just as spunky and knowledgeable as I remembered, and having dinner with her the first night that the group was gone was a definite highlight.


Posted by Emily MacLeod on 06/23 at 09:59 AM
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