Monday, March 31, 2008


It is spring of my junior year, and that means it is time to start thinking about post-Calvin plans.  I know that in order to get a job in my chosen field I will need to go to grad school, but just what is my chosen field going to be?  When I graduate I will have an undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology, so I could go on to further study either of those.  Speech Pathology would require a 2-year Masters Program, whereas Audiology would require a 4-year Doctoral Program.  There are fewer options for Audiology school, and it would take longer to attain the appropriate degree, but I am fascinated by the ear.  My linguistics class has really piqued my interest this semester, too, though, so maybe I’d rather pursue that, but what sort of jobs are there for someone with a masters in linguistics? 


Posted by Emily MacLeod on 03/31 at 11:52 AM
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