Friday, August 24, 2007

the wedding of the year

A week ago my brother was preparing to be married.  Last Saturday was the big day, but the bachelor/bachelorette parties started on Thursday and the festivities continued through Sunday.  I was home all week, so I was able to be involved in the pre-wedding set-up.  Not that there was much left by the time I was home; Mary (the bride) was so organized that almost everything was done already! 


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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Growing Up

I’m home again for a little “vacation,” but it’s one of the busier ones I’ve ever had.  Not only am I happily involved in preparations for my brother’s wedding (which is in three days!!), I’m also trying to get all of my stuff either packed up or put in the “yard sale” pile so that when I move into my house in Grand Rapids next week I am really moved out of my parents’ house.  It’s kind of sad really.  I guess I’m all grown up, or at least I’m doing a pretty good job of pretending.  Besides that, I’m trying to buy a car while I’m here.  In fact, I’ll be “going to see a guy about a car” (for real, but it is pretty cliche) in about an hour. 


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Friday, August 03, 2007

a day at work

I know that my faithful readers are wondering just what exactly I’ve been doing all summer at work, so I thought I’d try to give you an idea through a series of pictures from the Calvin Admissions Office this summer.  We’ve had a lot of fun, putting personality and character into our work.

The summer Admissions Assistants: Merideth, An, Keisha, Rachel, Amos, Amma, Me, Mic, and Alex


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