Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Traveling again…

You’re probably starting to think that all I do here is travel.  I’m starting to think that too.  Last weekend was the group excursion to Krakow and Auschwitz, and it was an entirely different experience than the previous weekend’s trip to Romania.  Instead of riding in vans with Janos and Robbie, our wonderful drivers and guides in Transylvania, we all rode together in a 28 passenger mini-bus.  That was kind of nice at times, because we weren’t secluded in three separate vans, but I still liked the vans better.  I’m more of a small group kind of girl, so it was easier to get to know the few people in my van on more personal terms, and we had a lot of fun.  We actually had more wiggle room in the vans, too, and on 8-9 hour drives, wiggle room is a very nice commodity. 


Posted by Emily MacLeod on 10/03 at 07:11 AM
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