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Heading the Faith-full School

Author: Shirley Roels

Posted on: Nov 21, 2008

When you received your invitation for tonight and saw my title, “Heading the Faith-Full School”, some of you may have thought that I meant to use the word “faithful”, with one “l”. You may have thought that some staff member in the bowels of the college system botched the spelling. But such is not the case. My choice of words did not involve a typographical error. Let me also assure you that I did not “copy”. Only after I chose this title did I become aware that National Catholic Educational Association’s 100th anniversary theme a couple years ago was “Faithful Past-Faith-filled Future”.1 As you can now imagine, my choice of “faith-full” as a hyphenated word with two “ll’s” was a strategy for asking core questions about the mission of the Van Lunen Center. That is the central focus on my talk tonight, namely: What will the Van Lunen Center do to support the future of faith-full schools? What is the contribution that we aspire to make? I hope my address tonight will help us in exploring this mission together.