Scheduled Maintenance for August 21

Thursday, August 21, 2008

By Jeff Greenfield

The following systems and services are scheduled for maintenance this Thursday morning:

- Health Services server
- Inquisite Survey server
- ImageNow Server for scanning and document retrieval
- CBORD Server for Food Service and Roommate Matching
- Server for Micros machines and handheld devices used for Food Service
- RuffaloCody Phoneathone Server
- R25 Server for OCCE reservations and classroom management
- TMA Physical Plant work-order system
- Credit Card Processing server (ie. Box office and Bookstore)
- Lyris list management server (i.e. Calvin Parents, etc)
- Istrategy Datawarehouse server
- Great Plains finanacial application server
- (CIT Internal) QuarkExpress License Server
- (CIT Internal) VMWare Infrastructure Control Server
- ArcGIS server
- Secondary mail routing and DNS server
- Secondary client DNS server (Backup server for website and machine name lookups)
- LDAP server (KV, KV Resources, and Wireless authentication, PeopleSearch service, etc) **
- College majordomo listserv server (ie: calvin-news, student-news, etc.)
- College linux shell server
- College webserver (ie:, etc.)
- College application webserver (ie: web pages for library, kuyers, CICW, VanLunen, etc.)
- RADIUS server (Wireless and VPN authentication) and Primary client DNS server (Primary server for website and machine name lookups)
- Student Webmail server
- mysql database server (services KV Resources, PeopleSearch, eEnroll, ecommerce forms, and other database-driven web applications) **
- wiki for Administrative departments
- Test/Development server for web applications (ie: digitalstudio, kuyers, etc.)
- ResNet network services server (DNS/DHCP)
- Seminary mail routing, web, wireless authentication, and database server
- Campus network services (DNS/DHCP), unix home fileserver, mail routing, student email server. **
- web cache filtering control server
- RealServer streaming media system (January Series, InnerCompass, etc.)
- KnightVision server
- KnightVision database server

** Many Calvin services will be affected during this outage; some services may be affected that are not listed.

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