Scheduled Maintenance for July 22

Thursday, July 22, 2010

By Christopher Wieringa

The following systems and services are scheduled for maintenance this Thursday morning:

- Micros machines and handheld devices used for Food Service server
- Web room reservations and calendar server
- TMA Physical Plant work-order system (and iServiceDesk)
- Lyris list management server (i.e. Calvin Parents, etc)
- Istrategy Datawarehouse test server
- Great Plains finanacial application server
- Inquisite server
- Prince Conference Center web server
- Datatel Web UI server
- Box Office Ticketing Server
- MSSQL database servers (HEAT, Physical Plant, Surveys, Calendar and other database-driven applications) ***
- Campus Store Application server

** Many Calvin services will be affected during this outage; some services may be affected that are not listed.

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