Dec. 16 - December Security Patches

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

By Richard L. DeVries

CIT Monthly Security Patches for December 2009
The December 2009 security patches will be delivered on Wednesday, December 16 and will include the patches listed below.

Target Audiences
Faculty and staff workstations
Smart Classrooms

Windows Systems
Windows patches will be installed silently and automatically. If a reboot is required after installation you will receive a message in a pop-up window. You will be allowed to postpone the reboot for up to 24 hours after the patches are installed. If the machine is not rebooted within the 24 hours the system will reboot automatically. If you want to verify if these patches were installed you can go to your Add/Remove Programs control panel and check for the patches listed below.

Windows patches to be included:
Flash [more]
Firefox 3.5.5 [more]
Microsoft Security Patch MS09-071 Internet Authentication Services [more]
Microsoft Security Patch MS09-072 Cumulative Update for IE [more]
Microsoft Security Patch MS09-073 WordPad and Text Converters [more]

Macintosh Systems
Users on Macintosh systems will be prompted to install patches. You will have 14 days to begin installation. If a reboot is required you will have 5 minutes after installation completes to reboot your system or it will reboot automatically. Patches listed with a triangle next to them indicate that a system reboot is required. 

Macintosh patches to be included:
Apple-SA-2009-12-03-1 Java for OS 10.6 Update 1 [more]
Apple-SA-2009-12-03-2 Java for OS 10.5 Update 6 [more]
Flash [more]
iPhoto Update 8.1.1
AirPort Client Update 2009-002
HP Printer Drivers Update 2.3
Stuffit 2010

Please contact the CIT HelpDesk at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 526-8555 if you have questions or concerns.

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