Scheduled Maintenance for January 16, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

By Jeff Greenfield

The following servers/services are scheduled for maintenance on Thursday 1/16/2014 @ 5-7AM:

Webprint server
Novell File servers for home, departmental, student home, & academic shared space (acadia, bighorn, denali, glacier, rushmore, zion)
Novell File servers (locker, mammoth)
Novell Print servers for Department, Public & Seminary (dot, dash, digit) - including webprint services
Seminary Fileserver (luther)
(internal) Radius authentication server
Secondary client DNS server (Backup server for website and machine name lookups)
LDAP server (Portal Services, Wireless authentication, PeopleSearch, etc) **
College linux shell server
Digital Asset management for Marketing
College webserver (ie:, etc.)
Private networks web-cache server
RADIUS server (Wireless and VPN authentication) and Primary client DNS server (Primary server for website and machine name lookups)
(internal) CIT web application server (Master Blaster, etc.)
mysql database server (services KV Resources, PeopleSearch, eEnroll, ecommerce forms, and other database-driven web applications) **
dotCMS website content management server
wiki for Administrative departments
Campus network services (DNS/DHCP), unix home fileserver, mail routing, student email server. **

** Many Calvin services will be affected during this outage; some services may be affected that are not listed.

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