Friday 9/12 Evening:  Datatel Colleague, Benefactor , and some KV Resources unavailable

Friday, September 12, 2008

By Virginia Van Andel

Friday 9/12 Evening from 7 - 9 pm Datatel Colleague, Benefactor , and some KV Resources will be unavailable while operational changes are made and the system is rebooted.
The following KV resources will be affected:  Time Cards, Pay Advices, Grades, schedules, official rosters, transcripts, etc.  Basically, if you attempt a KV Resource between 7-9pm on 9/12 and it gives you an error about being unavailable, it is one of the ones affected.

Scheduled Maintenance for Sep 25

Thursday, September 25, 2008

By Christopher Wieringa

The following systems and services are scheduled for maintenance this Thursday morning:

- Health Services server
- Inquisite Survey server
- ImageNow Server for scanning and document retrieval
- CBORD Server for Food Service and Roommate Matching
- Server for Micros machines and handheld devices used for Food Service
- RuffaloCody Phoneathone Server
- R25 Server for OCCE reservations and classroom management
- TMA Physical Plant work-order system
- Credit Card Processing server (ie. Box office and Bookstore)
- Lyris list management server (i.e. Calvin Parents, etc)
- Istrategy Datawarehouse server
- Great Plains finanacial application server
- (CIT Internal) QuarkExpress License Server
- (CIT Internal) VMWare Infrastructure Control Server
- ArcGIS server
- Prince Conference Center server
- MSSQL database server (HEAT, Physical Plant, Surveys, Calendar and other database-driven applications) **

** Many Calvin services will be affected during this outage; some services may be affected that are not listed. 

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