ZCM Force Run - July 24

Thursday, July 24, 2008

By Richard L. DeVries

Name: ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM)
Target audience: All Windows workstations

NOTE: The ZCM deployment was originally scheduled to begin on July 2 and was postponed due to technical difficulties.

ZENworks, CIT’s desktop management tool, is being upgraded to the latest version, called ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM). The single ZCM agent will be installed on campus Windows machines and will replace 3 separate agents used for the previous version of ZENworks.

Beginning on July 16, 2008 campus users will be prompted to install ZCM and will be given the opportunity to defer installation until a more convenient time (“opt-out”) until July 24.

Beginning on July 24, 2008 campus users will no longer have the option to “opt-out” and ZCM will automatically be installed on their workstation.

Installation will take 10-15 minutes and will require a reboot of the computer when the installer finishes.

CIT encourages users to install ZCM at their earliest convenience before July 24. For help or questions please contact the CIT HelpDesk at X68555 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Additional information is available from The IT Connection at http://www.calvin.edu/weblogs/it_connection/july_01_2008/#1

Scheduled Maintenance for July 24

By Christopher Wieringa

The following systems and services are scheduled for maintenance this Thursday morning:

- MSSQL database server (HEAT, Physical Plant, Surveys, Calendar and other database-driven applications) **

** Many Calvin services will be affected during this outage; some services may be affected that are not listed.

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