Bookshelf: Learning Biblical Hebrew

Some resources for learning biblical Hebrew—which sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Arnold, Bill T. and John H. Choi. A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Cambridge University Press, 2003). ISBN 0521533481 [P-A-G-toc]

Benner, Jeff A. Learn Biblical Hebrew: A Guide to Learning the Hebrew Alphabet, Vocabulary and Sentence Structure of the Hebrew Bible (Virtualbookworm, 2004). ISBN 1589395840 [P-A-G-toc]

Goldfajn, Tal. Word Order and Time in Biblical Hebrew Narrative (Oxford UP, 1998). ISBN: 0198269536 [P-A-G-toc]

Jacobson, Joshua. Chanting the Hebrew Bible: Student Edition (Jewish Publication Society, 2005). ISBN 0827608160 [P-A-G-toc]

Kelley, Page H., Terry L. Burden, Timothy G. Crawford. A Handbook to Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar (Eerdmans, 1994). ISBN: 0-8028-0828 [P-A-G-toc]

Walsh, Jerome T. Style and Structure in Biblical Hebrew Narrative (Liturgical Press, 2001). ISBN 0827608160 [P-A-G-toc]

Young, G. Douglas. Grammar of the Hebrew Language;: A New Approach to the Hebrew Language and to Advanced Exegesis Using Hebrew and Romanized Scripts (Zondervan, 1951). [A]

Posted by Nathan Bierma on 08/28 at 07:33 PM
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