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Medium: Print


Genres Accepted: fiction, poetry, and a limited amount of nonfiction

Established: 1971



Award-winning poetry, fiction, essays, and memoirs



Ploughshares is published by Emerson College in Boston and is dedicated to publishing work of the highest literary quality. It uses a guest-editor to expose readers to different literary circles.


Ploughshares publishes very good, interesting writing and seems to be quite selective and strict about submission guidelines. The website suggests that you read through a couple issues before deciding to submit to get a feel for what Ploughshares is looking for. This seems like good advice. The fact that there’s a wide variety of guest-editors and that the magazine occasionally publishes emerging writers might increase your chances of publication.

Calvin Connection:

Hekman Availability: Available in print

Submission Instructions:

Ploughshares is published three times a year. The spring and winter issues contain a mixture of poetry and prose, and the fall issue contains only prose. Each issue is guest-edited by a different prominent writer. The guest-editor can solicit up to half of his/her issue, and the other half is selected from unsolicited manuscripts.

Ploughshares occasionally publishes issues that feature emerging writers.

Primarily seeks short stories but occasionally publishes personal essays/memoirs and will accept novel excerpts that are self-contained.

Submit one work of prose or one to three poems.

Poems individually typed either single- or double-spaced on one side of the page.

Prose typed double-spaced on one side and no longer than thirty pages.

Margins flushed left instead of justified.

Only submit from June 1 to January 15 (postmark dates) or your work will be returned unread.

Send only one manuscript at a time. Previously published work will not be reprinted.

Submit by mail or online. Refer to website for detailed instructions.


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