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Medium: Online


Genres Accepted: nonfiction

Established: 1997

Circulation: Online circulation is hard to track, but the magazine averages 24,000 visitors per issue, and has 3,500 on its mailing list.


A journal of concise literary nonfiction

Payment: None.


Brevity quotes Bernard Cooper, who suggests that short nonfiction “requires an alertness to detail, a quickening of the senses, a focusing of the literary lens, so to speak, until one has magnified some small aspect of what it means to be human.” Brevity’s mission is to publish high-quality, very short nonfiction. The website includes a link to Brevity’s informative blog:

While Brevity has become a more prestigious publication than it once was, publishing Pulitzer finalists, Best American authors, international writers, and more, it maintains a dedication to publishing new writers—including “at least one” undergraduate student.


Brevity is a fun publication. It’s probably among the more well known, prestigious all-online publications. And the editor’s name is Dinty Moore.

The pieces in Brevity are very concise nonfiction. As such, they are very distilled portraits of life, and have a very concentrated feel. When you have only 750 words to work with, every word must serve a purpose.

Calvin Connection:

Hekman Availability: Not available

Submission Instructions:
Submit nonfiction essays up to 750 words.
No more than two submissions per author per calendar year.
Cut-and-paste essay into the body of an e-mail, single-spaced.
Before the essay, include a brief bio note and approximate word count.


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