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Glimmer Train Stories


Medium: Print

Categories: Good for New Writers,

Genres Accepted: fiction

Established: 1991

Circulation: 16,000


Quarterly magazine of literary short fiction

Payment: $700 for standard submissions


Glimmer Train Stories is particularly interested in publishing “new and lightly published” writers. Standard story submissions pay $700, and frequent contests, with entry/reading fees from $10-$25, offer greater financial gains and greater publicity. The editors are open to stories of all themes.


Glimmer Train‘s eagerness to publish new writers is encouraging. This eagerness by no means denotes a lower-caliber publication, however. Glimmer Train Stories has plenty of commendation. The editors write, “In the recent edition of Best American Short Stories, of the top ‘100 distinguished short stories,’ ten appeared in Glimmer Train Stories, more than any other publication in the country, including the New Yorker. We are pleased to say that, of those ten, three were those authors’ first stories accepted for publication.”

Calvin Connection:

Hekman Availability: Not available

Submission Instructions:

Simultaneous submissions accepted.
Allow 2 months response time.
Standard submissions (no reading fee) no more than 12,000 words.
Upcoming entry dates and contest themes can be viewed at

Submit stories through Glimmer Train’s online submission system:


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