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Medium: Print


Genres Accepted: fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Established: 1973



A literature magazine for kids ages 9-14

Payment: Prose pays up to 25 cents/word, poems up to $3/line


Cricket is a magazine published by Carus Publishing Company for readers ages 9 to 14. It publishes stories, articles, poems, novel excerpts, puzzles, recipes, games and more for a discerning youth audience. Cricket and its associated magazines (“Babybug”, for ages 6 months to 3 years; “Ladybug”, for ages 3 to 6; “Spider”, for ages 6 to 9; and “Cicada”, for ages 14 and up) publish some of the finest writing for juvenile audiences, often by established writers, and their standards are very high. They do accept unsolicited manuscripts.


Cricket is a fun and beautiful magazine, a member of one of the best families of publications for children. If youíre at all interested in writing for young audiences, itís worth taking a look.

Calvin Connection:

Hekman Availability: Available in print

Submission Instructions:

Submit stories of 200 to 2,000 words
Submit articles of 200 to 1,500 words
Submit poems not longer than 50 lines
Do not query first.
Include self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Allow 6 months response time.

Mail submissions to:
Submissions Editor, CRICKET
Carus Publishing
70 East Lake Street
Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60601


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