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Burnside Writers Collective


Medium: Online


Genres Accepted: nonfiction,review




“An online magazine presenting an alternative to franchise faith.”

Payment: None


The Burnside Writers Collective does not publish a majority of the articles received, but one of their goals is to give new writers exposure. They are always looking for new writers and fresh perspectives, and are very encouraging of submissions. They promise to read all submissions carefully, whether or not they will eventually be published. Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and more, acts as founding director of the Collective.


BWC articles read like features, like personal essays. I find this makes them quite enjoyable to read. The articles featured are of the variety that would probably appeal to fans of Donald Miller—reviews of Neko Case and Andrew Bird, Bill McKibben and “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.” The strong ties to Donald Miller do give the site added notoriety and traffic.

Calvin Connection:

Hekman Availability: Not available

Submission Instructions:

BWC articles fall into four categories: Social Justice, Reviews, Sports, and General.
Social Justice: bringing light to often widely-ignored issues, more spiritual content.
Reviews: review of anything, preferably newer releases, film reviews are not preferred.
Sports: originality is key, think more joyful fandom than evening news-y.
General articles: comedy or commentary on important issues.
More information about the parameters for each section is available online.
Submit articles as a Word document attachment, with “Article Submission – [type of article]” in the subject line.
Allow 2 weeks response time.

To submit articles, send them to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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