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Banner, The


Medium: Print

Categories: Calvin Connection, Religious Publications,

Genres Accepted: fiction,nonfiction,poetry,review

Established: 1865

Circulation: The Banner is sent to over 100,000 households of CRC members in the US and Canada.


The official monthly publication of the Christian Reformed Church in North America

Payment: Payment on acceptance.


As of 2004, The Banner is not a subscription-based magazine, but is a partially subsidized publication sent to every household in the Christian Reformed Church.

A portion of the magazine is devoted to news of specific members and events in the CRC, but The Banner also includes essays and reviews, and occasionally creative fiction and poetry.


The Banner has been a part of Christian Reformed life for a very long time. As such, there are certain expectations attached to it. It should keep readers updated on CRC happenings, as well as births, marriages, deaths, birthday parties, CRC classifieds, etc. You will probably find some familiar names and faces in these pages. The Banner isn’t for everyone, but its ties to Calvin are intimate, and since many Calvin students are also connected with the CRC, it just might be a good and viable option.

Calvin Connection:

Many people affiliated with Calvin College have been published in The Banner, including faculty and students.

Hekman Availability: Available in print

Submission Instructions:

Include name, address, occupation, expertise, church affiliation, any additional information, and “headshot” or digital snapshot.
Most Banner feature articles range from 600-1200 words. Articles are written for the popular audience in a conversational tone, at about an 8th grade reading level.
Christian principles should underlie articles, but avoid didacticism.
“Always speak the truth in love.” (Eph. 4:15)
Accepts simultaneous submissions.
Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish your manuscript returned.
Visit website for more information.

Submit articles electronically to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (preferred), or to
The Banner, CRC Publications
2850 Kalamazoo SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49560


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