The Man with the Wishbone cheeks

Monday, August 11, 2008
By Dale Andre

Dale Andre’s (‘78-‘81)

Despite studying Engineering, I loved Thespians (‘78-‘81) and consider it the zenith of my Calvin experience… the friends, productions, cast parties, Thursday 4PM meetings, etc etc.  The friends I’ve retained from Calvin are all Thespies (no engineers - too boring).  We would kill our free time in the Speech Dept lobby with live-wire secretary Linda Pott, and annoy the profs in the back offices with our conversation levels.  We would conspire to Nair the Boeve’s neurotic poodle.  One good friend from those days was Dave Leugs, now Theatre Department head.  My claim to fame: those six-foot B&W paintings in the Gezon lobby were Korf commissions from a famous local artist to adapt Thespian production photos - the “wishbone cheek” profile is me as Henry VIII in A Man for All Seasons

78-‘81shows:  A Man for All Seasons, Man and Superman, Oedipus, The Guardsman, lab bills, children’s show

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