Shyrl Cone quick memory

Monday, August 11, 2008
By Shyrl Cone

Hi there,

I saw your blurb in the Spark about Ervina. Wow, what a lady!  I was not a theatre major, but was raised to love and value culture, history and art.  I not only took a speech class from her, but I went to New York and England with her and Edgar.  Those two trips taught me more about culture and the arts than I could have ever learned in a classroom.  My England trip was my college graduation trip from my parents (I’d loved the NY trip so much that I wanted to go on another trip with them).  I frequently, 20 years later, pull out my pictures from those trips and relive the fabulous experiences - I could never thank them enough for what they did to make those trips possible.

My hat’s off to a talented, generous, influential lady!

Shyrl Cone (class of 1985)

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